Day 2


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So its been raining cats and dogs all day/night. Thankfully there has finally been a break in the storm but the unfortunate part is that it has turned our winter wonderland into an ice rink for the masses. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind though, she’s out there living it up – oh what I would give to be a child again. There are many things i just can’t believe I used to do. Example: my daughter runs outside with her coat wide open, no mitts just adrenaline to keep her warm and then there’s mom who layers up. Just isn’t the same as it used to be. My hubby, the poor thing – he’s stuck working in -20 temperatures for 3 weeks of every month. Its crazy and so cold. Its kind of hard on us being apart so often but when our little bundle of joy is here things should change for the better. Whole heartedly hoping he gets a job in town or closer anyway. Well it is just about dinner time, this is my cue. 

Ciao xo